Upcoming research and conference presentations

A great number of exciting ongoing research papers by RGU and Scott Sutherland School Visualisation Group are going to be presented soon, in BuiltViz 2015 in Barcelona and in the International Conference on BIM in Bristol. 


One of the first papers is focused on the development of a computational design application for interactive surfaces. The research is about the development and testing of a computational design tool/application applicable on a Tangible User Interface for conceptual design stages. Drawing and sketching are spatial and haptic processes for conceptualizing and communicating ideas especially within design teams of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. Therefore, the application of interactive surfaces within co-located collaborative design teams provides an integration of different sensory modalities, including visual and haptic, thus resulting into a richer and more coherent design experience. The paper explores the evolution of technology related to design systems and describes the development of a conceptual design application for a M.S. PixelSense. This development was part of an action-based research and the evolution of the software during a number of tests with design professionals is presented accordingly. Eventually, we conclude with ideas for further development on augmented reality applications for design processes within the built environment.

It is a quite exciting and interesting project with immediate application to the AEC industry so stay tuned for more to follow!


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