InfoVis at CARE North

During the recent CARE North+ final conference in Bremen, I was struck by the extent to which Information Visualisation had become an important method of communication for the work.

CARE North+, funded by Interreg North Sea Region IVB, has been exploring ways in which low carbon mobility can be implemented across the North Sea Region. This has included the consideration of how cities could react to sudden ‘triggers’, which would force change, and the ways in which car sharing and share-economy can be regarded as a tool for social and urban change.

The project team has produced a series of working papers and policy recommendations (available for download), which I would encourage you to read. With regards to information visualisation, the conference featured both the use of highly visual urban models, and the entire proceedings were captured visually.

Firstly, and as part of the work concerning ‘triggers’ for change, the team from West Yorkshire Combined Authority have developed an ‘urban dynamic model’, which is able to show the effects of transport choices and transport policy on the regional economy. A nice overview of the model is available here. I was struck by the ways in which the model was visually simple, yet contained significant intelligence from the background statistical data.

IMG_5694Secondly, the conference undertook to present the outcomes of the 2 day event using pictorial sketches developed by Eli Breuing at Visuelles Denken. Although the CARE North+ team will in time produce notes and photographs from the event, to capture the main strands of discussion in such an immediately accessible manner demonstrates why information visualisation is regarded as a powerful tool, through which complex ideas can be communicated.


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